Welcome to Darda Human Resources Advisors, LLC

When a company has engaged and active—rather than non-committed and passive—employees, something incredible happens. Meeting goals is easier. Growing bigger happens faster. Surviving turns into thriving. Vision becomes reality.

Showing companies how to “connect people to profits” has been Cheryl Wright’s specialty for over thirty years. As a skilled problem solver, Cheryl decided to bring her “Fortune 500” know-how to businesses that might not be Fortune 500 sized, but still want the tailored solutions they need for growing on their own terms. As Cheryl puts it, “Small and mid-size businesses don’t want someone to come in with fixes that don’t fit them—they want someone to listen, get to know their business, and partner with them.”

The passion that small- to mid-size businesses have for partnerships is what inspired Cheryl to leave the corporate world and create Darda Human Resources Advisors as a way to share her own “pearls of wisdom.” While she knows what it takes to create change on a big scale, Cheryl is committed to being a trusted partner—not just a consultant. “My approach is to be smart, but not wear my smarts,” Cheryl said. “It’s my job to be a truth-teller, and working with smaller businesses means that I’m coming to my clients as a sincere, straight-forward advisor who works to understand the problem first.”

“After thirty years, I’m more convinced than ever that employees are the reason why things happen—or don’t happen for a company.” With Darda, Cheryl’s bringing powerful problem-solving to people-sized challenges.

Ready to connect your people to your profits? Don’t wait—you can reach Cheryl on LinkedIn or contact her here.

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